Recruiting Reinvented

Specialized in Hard-to-Fill, Technical and Mid-level Recruiting.


A radically different perspective on how recruitment should work and what recruitment should cost.

Since 1999, About Candidates has specialized in Hard-to-Fill, Technical and mid-level recruiting.

We relentlessly pursued more efficient ways to service these challenging markets to deliver better hires, faster, and at a lower cost to our clients.


About Candidates has applied technologies to serve a recruiting process fine-tuned to reduce time, cost & improve quality.

About Candidates has reinvented the recruiting process by combining our recruitment experience with software development expertise, big data access, data mining technology. A key driver for this innovation is a permanent partnership with our long time software consultancy.

A unique combination of technology and seasoned recruitment expertise…

Positions filled... with highly qualified candidates... in a fraction of the time... at a fraction of the cost.

Hard-To-Fill Positions

About Candidates has earned a reputation for placing highly qualified candidates in the hardest-of-the-hard-to-fill positions. With its unique approach to data-driven recruiting and aggressive use of technologies, finding the perfect needle in the proverbial haystack has been a defining characteristic of the firm since its inception.

Technical Positions

Technical recruiting has been a specialty of About Candidates since is founding in 1999. Big Data allows our candidate pool to be measured in the 100’s of millions, our process brings precision in matching job requirements to qualified candidates ensuring an accurate fit for our clients needs.

Mid-Level Positions

Mid Level positions can often represent the most challenging hire companies have to deal with. About Candidates recruiting platform allows us to leverage the precision of Executive Search methodologies while preserving the speedĀ  typical of agency search. The result – highly qualified candidates in a fraction of the time and cost

Companies We Have Helped

TD Financial Group
Coca Cola